Hello World!

Meet our baby :)

After much deliberation Paul and I decided to go to Dr. Colette Eastman for our OB.  She was phenomenal!  Ir was pretty standard as far as appointments go, paperwork, blood pressure, questions on whether we want to test our babies for all those fun genetic diseases and to be honest I'm not sure.  I don't care either way, I'm going to love this baby no matter what.

Once all that happened they told me to strip and put on the gown that doesn't cover your butt.  Dr. Eastman came in, asked my questions about my family's history, felt me up, and launched into the awkwardness of a vaginal ultrasound.  Painful, but worth it!  Seeing our baby (who kind of looks like a tiny hamster, or a bean) for the first time was an incredible experience.  We could see it's little heart beat, and see the baby wiggle!

I can't wait for the next appointment!

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  1. AWESOME!!! I'm so excited. (Don't be "freaked out" by penises! Little boys are SO wonderful. I promise.)