I'm not really sure

who came up with the name "morning sickness" because that's pretty much the most misleading label in the history of the world. Not that I thought I was even going to get morning sickness after the first week. I felt like a million bucks besides being tired, but I just chalked that up to waking up t 5 to go to work every morning.

Then Saturday happened. Which was pretty much a day full of nausea and vomiting and sleeping in the fetal position and whimpering. Poor Paul. He was looking forward with spending some quality time and I ended up spending more quality time with the nausea gods.

Sunday was a little better, I was still nauseous and went into a comma after smelling avocado which is my sick kryptonite. But other than that I was fine.

And then last night happened. I was up from 1-5 cradling the porcelain god. Literally, with blankets and pillows and sleeping curled up in the bathroom. Which resulted in no sleep, which resulted in more sick, which resulted in no work, which resulted in me feeling like a jerk.

But on the plus side, I got a little tlc from the hubs and I have my first doctor's appointment tomorrow where I can hopefully get some recommendations on how to deal with the morning sickness so that my life doesn't end until the second trimester. At least Dr. Sears says that means the baby's healthy which is always good.

For now I'm just nibbling on saltines and watching lifetime hoping for it to pass.

Until next time!

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