So for about the past month

 I've been experiencing a shooting pain on my right side just above my butt.  I thought I just needed to go to the chiropractor but after I limped into the living room so I can borrow a rollie chair so I can go to the bathroom my mom explained another option- sciatica.  Basically my baby or expanding uterus may or may not be slamming into my nerve causing ridiculous amounts of pain.  Butttt Dr. Sears doesn't even mention the possibility of sciatica until the six month when the baby is bigger than an olive.

Man, I would really like to skip this whole preggo part and just meet my little person.  I've done a lot of complaining so far in this blog but I really am excited- I'm just getting used to all the ridiculous changes happening in my body!

Update:  The responses on my facebook tell me that normies and men have problems with their sciatic nerve too.  I guess I can't blame this one on the baby :P

Update 2: Mommy friends also posted- apparently this is common even this early on and I need to get myself to the chiropractor regularly to keep myself functional!

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