So I realized today

that I'm almost done with my first trimester.  Which is extraordinarily weird.  Being 1/3 of the way done with being pregnant already is kind of crazy, though there are definitely parts that I'm ready to be over and done with.  The sciatica, the Gus Super Sniffer which usually leads to attack of the morning sickness, the constant peeing, the fatigue, the heartburn... all those things kinda suck.  But knowing that in 6 months I'll be able to meet our little person makes it all worthwhile :)  I can't freakin' wait!

In other news, tomorrow is Paul's 28th birthday!  I'm so excited!  (I'm pretty sure I'm more excited than he is- but that's just because I have a ridiculously cool surprise and I have a creepish love of giving presents.  Once I write my best selling novel I'm going to be the next Oprah of gift giving!)  We're going to grab lunch and then we have a fabulous dinner planned  combining several of his favorite foods.  It should be pretty sweet.

Though I'm starting to feel really old.   It's kind of a combination of things I guess: being graduated, married and pregs, having a hubby who's almost 30, full time job, and bills and loan payments piling up.  The good news is I finally got approved for a non-student credit card which is legit.  I'm super excited about racking up AA miles and flying out to see Michelle in Boston!

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