And the gender is...


Paul and I are so excited to announce that come January 17th we will have a handsome son by the name of Anthony Christopher!

Both of us thought he was going to be a boy, but our little guy was such a stinker during the ultrasound we weren't sure if we were going to get a peak at the goods.  His legs were literally crossed and pulled up, the doctor was even getting frustrated.  But he finally relinquished and made it clear that he was in fact, a boy.

This will be the first, firstborn son on the Eccles side and the first male on BOTH sides of my family in two generations so we're all aching for a little testosterone.

Little Anthony, we are so excited to meet you and so happy that we can finally call you by your name!  Love you little guy!


PS.  I'm totally growing a penis right now.


  1. I've already got a photoshoot planned! ACE up my sleeve, ACE in a hole, ACE of spades... ;)