I felt the baby

move for the first time, I think, on Monday night.  I'm not going to say it felt like a butterfly, or any other sort of bug, because that totally freaks me out.  It was like the sting ray exhibit at Sea World, where you can stick you hand under the water and feel the slick unnaturally natural movement of the rays.  Paul was elated, and tried to feel the movement too but that won't be happening on his end for at least another month or so.

I can't wait to find out the gender in just two short weeks.  I'm so impatient to have this baby, to meet and love my child it seems hard to focus on anything else.  Paul and I talk and worry about it all the time, I know there are bound to be surprises but we've covered a lot of ground in our planning and potential coping thus far.  Which is going to make the reality of the situations extra interesting since there's no way our imaginations can encompass what having and raising a child is actually going to be like.

Little baby- grow fast so that we can meet you! <3

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