I'm having some serious pregnancy

anxiety.  I just want the baby to be healthy,  but my lifestyle pre-preggo knowledge wasn't so much.  I'm worried that that hurt the baby in some way.  I just want my little one to be healthy- and I know it's irrational but I've been over analyzing everything that I have done over the last couple months trying to make sure I've been doing everything right.  What about those prenatal vitamins I skipped or threw up?  What if my diet isn't healthy enough?  What if I'm doing something horribly wrong and my baby is going to be the one to suffer?

The nightmares aren't helping either.  In one dream I've had a healthy baby, the rest my little one has died of SIDS or I've miscarried or been attacked and tummy punched.  It's scary to think that I'm supposed to be keeping and caring for this tiny person and so many things can go wrong inside of me.

Tiny baby, be okay.  I love you.


  1. S/he's the size of a mango!!! hehehehe

    Megs, take from someone who worries too much, please worry less :) Your baby will be fine and s/he knows s/he is loved unconditionally and that's all that matters right now. Do your best on being healthy and your baby will be healthy :)

    love you!!!

  2. But all I want to eat is chicken nuggets! And remember those trips to bevmo?! UGH! I kind of wish I did the prenatal screening but it was so expensive and there's a big part of me that doesn't want to worry for the next couple months (even though I probably will anyways) it's just so stressful growing a person! (And being stressed during pregnancy can damage a baby's emotional health. So I worry about worrying!)

  3. I know that this isn't necessarily helpful advice, but don't worry! Your baby will be perfect for you! No matter what, God will bless you with the baby and he/she will be just what you and Paul can handle and love! I'm sure that the baby will be healthy and perfect (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome typically manifests if you have 5+ alcoholic beverages multiple times a week). I hope this helps decrease the stress a little and if it doesn't, just delete my comment so that you don't have to see it any more :-)

  4. That Nad that is actually very calming! (One or two glasses of wine a couple times a week during the last month of school definitely isn't FAS standards!)