Last night I almost

went to the ER.  The pain in my lower abdomen was so intense I could barely walk, breath, or move.  I ended up calling 911 just to see if they knew if it was something I should head in for but they were pretty much useless- especially the fireman who asked me if my boyfriend could drive me to the ER.  WTF?!  Just because I have a higher voice doesn't mean this is an episode of

 16 and pregnant, thank you.

I ended up calling my doctor (though I felt really bad because it was 3 am) and she told me unless I was bleeding or having urinary problems (wth are urinary problems?) that I should take a warm bath and ice it in the morning, and if the pain didn't decrease to call her again.  So I took a warm shower due to extreme lack of bath tub and tried to get some sleep.  This morning it still hurt, but it was a dull ache instead of the sharp, shooting, dear-god-i-think-someone-is-stabbing-me, sort of hurt.

I'm still not really sure what it was, the round ligament pain I've experienced has hurt but it definitely wasn't like this.  In fact, I don't think I've ever felt a pain this intense, even when I cut my side open, or ran out of drugs in the middle of my oral surgery, or sprained my knee while skiing.

But Anthony is moving around in there so I'm assuming he's doing good :)

Little One, hurry up and bake!  Momma's ready to hold you in her arms instead of her belly!

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