100 days until

due date!  I feel like we're getting so close and I'm so excited to meet my little boy!

Last night Paul and I had our date night.  I planned it- but with the craziness that was this last week and Paul not feeling well it wasn't our best date.  We just went to dinner and went home and watched Wolverine & the X-Men.  It was fun but it wasn't anything compared to our last dates.  Our first date was a date in- I got Hunted: A Demon's Forge, pizza, rootbeer, flaming hot cheetos & queso, and we made a night of it.  Hunted wasn't a great game so we decided to watch our A New Hope on Blu-ray.  It was beautiful, and the date was absolutely perfect.

The second date Paul planned- he took me to Boomer's and we went mini golfing.  It was so ridiculously fun.  I wasn't able to bend down and get the ball so Paul set up and picked up for me each time.  I won one round, he won the other.  I had mentioned probably about a year ago that I wanted to go sometime because I hadn't been since I was a kid, and Paul totally delivered.  Then we decided to hit up soup plantation and got the news about Grandaddy had passed.  Instead of being sad, we decided to celebrate his life while drinking root beer- something we decided we wanted to do to celebrate Papa's birthday.  We didn't know it at the time but the two events coincided.  The ending of a life is always sad, but being able to remember and celebrate a person's life is such a beautiful thing.

I would be lying though if it didn't make me sad about my own grandfathers and their declining health.  It's hard to imagine what life is going to be without them.  Nonno has paid such a huge part in my life, and Grandpa is the center of the Jauregui family.  Those men are the foundation of our families and I can't imagine Anthony not knowing them and loving them as much as I do.  He's so lucky that his grandparents on both sides will be around for a very long time and will be a wonderful example to him, like their parents were a wonderful example to them.

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