I've been

terrible at updating lately.  I feel like so much has happened and I'm totally behind the times!  Here's the skinny:

Paul and I started taking our birthing classes.  It has been an AMAZING experience so far.  Lisa has been working with Dr. Eastman for over 14 years and all of the people in the class are her patients as well.  I feel so much more prepared for this baby and we've still got six more classes to go!

For our last class we went and did a hospital tour.  I am so glad we decided to go with Pomerado.  The delivery rooms are huge, and equipped with wonderful jacuzzi tubs for labor- though delivery has to happen out of the water.  The hospital is trying to shut them down, but Dr. Eastman and Lisa are campaigning to keep them which is a relief because that sounds like a wonderful idea.  The recover room is snug and cozy, and both rooms are private which is really important to me.  I can't imagine sharing that experience with another woman and the same time!  Especially considering I won't be able to open any windows which I already know is going to be a problem.

We had our 27 week appointment, I'm measuring great and Anthony is doing well.  It was just heartbeat and questions, but Dr. E has been incredible about answering things.  I felt like there was a little tension for awhile, but I think that was because I was googling too much and got a little staunch about doing things one way, rather than just doing what I can and thinking about what's best for baby.  As much as I want to do a natural birth I'll be happy as long as Anthony is healthy.  At the end of the day that is absolutely the most important thing in the entire world.

Next week we go in for 29 weeks.  Doing every other week makes the whole thing seem like it's going a lot faster which I love because I'm so ready to have my baby already.  It's no secret that I dislike being pregnant, but now I just want to meet the little person inside of my belly!

We've come a long way with the house.  Carpet is down and just needs to be rug doctored, which hopefully we'll do this week.  Baby's room is painted, except for the trees.  We decided on "River Valley" blue, which came out wonderfully.  I'm so relieved to have started on that, I was getting incredibly anxious about how far behind we are on this process.  I'm hoping to paint the trees either this weekend or early next week.  We're hoping to be in the weekend before thanksgiving.  My dad has been working so hard to get everything done, we measured for the electrical last night and I think he's ordering the wire today- which means we might have electrical by the weekend!  As soon as we do- we're moving in.  I can't wait to have a home again!

Anthony is so funny.  Lately he's been REALLY protective of his space.  Paul can't touch my belly, or rest his head against me without Anthony literally pushing him away.  It's not a normal kick or punch, but a push.  Baby boy has so much personality already, it actually kind of scares me.  But I'm also aware of his sweet side so hopefully they balance out :)

Less than 12 weeks to go!

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  1. Megan,I love your love letter blog! It is so exciting about all of the progress on your home. It is especially exciting to hear about Anthony. As for Paul, perhaps Anthony is not pushing Paul away, but rather kicking for joy at being near to his Daddy also. With love from Sally Mom.