And we're home!

I suppose now that I've posted about adventures in our house I should officially mention that we are in!  Our first night was last Wednesday, officially four years and one month since I lost the last permanent home I had. My parents house and any dorms and apartments I've lived in have been great, but for the first time since the fires this space is MINE (and Paul's of course.)  It is so amazing to come home every night!  We still have some work to do, but we have power, water, and propane and everything else seems of little importance now.  We can paint when we paint, we can put doors up when we put doors up, etc.  Paul and I are both so grateful for the work that has gone on to get us here, especially by my Dad on the outside, and by my Mom on the inside.  We power housed on Friday getting everything cleaned and put away (which was mostly Mom, Nonna, Sisters, and I) and it looks beautiful.

This is officially my favorite room in the house.  I took off all the cabinet doors and now we have an awesome dining area that is open an accessible (and doesn't have ugly cabinet doors!)

The other awesome thing was Zoe.  We have been trying to get her in the house prior to the move so she would get comfy in it- but she's refused every time.  The minute we actually had all of our things in and were ready to sleep there she must have known.
It's so awesome to be home!  I'll definitely put up more pictures (especially some before and afters) when we get a little more situated (aka put more stuff away... especially Paul.  Holy jeebus that man has a lot of crap!)

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