I bitch about being pregnant

and how uncomfortable it is and how unfun it has been so far.  But after reading a fellow January Mom's blog I have never been more grateful to have a healthy baby my whole life.  Her baby girl has Potter's Syndrome and they will have to induce and deliver her, either stillborn or alive for a few minutes, maybe hours before she passes away.

I am so blessed that Anthony seems to be 100% healthy thus far.  I'll take the vicious kicks in the ribs over the heartbreak of knowing that your baby is going to die and there's nothing you can do about it.

In happier news- we'll be in our house soon!  We pulled power this last weekend, and so hopefully Saturday we'll be setting it all up which is fabulous.  I need to nest!  And I need my own space to do that.

I have been spending wayyy too much time on facebook talking to the January '12 ladies.  We actually might have too much fun for our own good, if that's at all possible.  I have never been around another group of such awesome, supportive women before.  I wish that they lived closer so that we could be friends in real life, not just over the internet.

It seems like there's a rule that when you settle down and get married and start having babies your friends aren't your friends anymore.  It's so frustrating when I try and make time for people and then get blown off, time after time.  So I kind of have a new rule for myself where I stop trying to make time for those who won't make time for me.  It is essentially a very lonely stance to take, but it's better than being treated poorly by people who were supposedly your friends.  I'd rather have one or two awesome people in my life than a lot of so-so's who like to end plans the day of or just not show up at all.  I prefer to have a legion of support in my pocket than feel miffed in the outside world.  Plus I have Paul, I have my family, and I have my baby boy.  Who else do I need?


  1. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)


  2. I love you too! You were excluded from my crankiness :)