In the past I have been called

a domestic goddess.  This time, however, did not involve bringing crying strangers pie, but the ingenious work of my culinary skills.  Or lack there of.

Now that we are in our house (!!!) I am making it a point to cook again, which typically means a big enough dinner to merit leftovers for lunches in the morning.  Last night was no exception, although it almost was as I was tempted to just make macaroni and cheese, with a promise of breaded chicken and rice for tonight.  Unfortunatley I mentioned this to Paul who was wanted to know why breaded chicken couldn't happen that night. I relented, and started the process of defrosting my chicken.

When I say process, I mean process.  I ordered 40 lbs of chicken about a month ago from Zaycon, which is awesome but was not packaged in mind for individual meals.  Which is what I wanted.  So I stuck the full freezer bag (probably about 7 lbs of chicken breast) in a bowl of hot water to defrost while I prepped everything else.  I cooked the rice, set the eggs and crumbly mixture and checked on the chicken.  Still frozen.  I refilled the bowl with hot water and waited about 20 minutes, cycling out the water every time it got cold.  Still frozen, and still frozen all together.  Then I had the brilliant plan to take the giant chicken mass out of it's bag and put it in the bowl of water, straight away.  Which started to cook the OUTSIDE of my breastmass but left the rest still frozen.

By this time I was pissed.  So I did what any sane pregnant lady who just wanted her damn chicken would do- I started ripping off chunks of breast like there was no tomorrow.  This was successful in creating smallish breadable pieces to be fried, but unsuccessful in the fact that 6/7 lbs of chicken were still frozen.  I glared at it and decided to start breading and frying what I had for lunches tomorrow since Paul's eta was still about an hour out.  I realized that the rest of the chicken would need to be cooked or refrozen and to make a long story short I did it.  All of it.

Seven pounds of chicken I breaded, stuck in tupperwares and refroze resulting in about 10 future meals, since Paul and I are fatties and like to eat a lot of chicken.  It was delicious, but I swear to God if I ever order from Zaycon again I will NOT do them all in the same bag.  One down.  Six more to go.  At least now I am forced to make those freezer meals for when the baby comes, right?

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