Tomorrow marks

32 weeks.  Which means there are potentially 8 weeks until I meet my baby boy.  Which means there are 8 weeks until the little person my body has been responsible for is on the outside.  8 weeks until we are officially parents.  8 weeks until Anthony Christopher is considered a human being not just by me, but by the whole world.

I'm still trying to pick up the pieces of my brain on this one.  This has been such a long/short process.  On one hand I can't wait for it to be over, on the other hand I can't believe this has all happened so fast.  One minute life was made up of just Paul and I, then the next we embark on the wonderful, wonderful journey of parenthood.  And then this little child who really likes to kick me in the ribs and render me nearly helpless with his attacks on my bladder will grow up and be a man and have his own kids.  But first we will love him and care for him and teach him how wonderful the world can be.

Power is now connected in our house!  The carpets are cleaned and we are just a propane connector from being in.  I'm so excited to move in!

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