I think I'm officially

freaking out about not feeling prepared for the baby.  And by that I mean his room (which he won't be using) is currently a storage bin, and can't be anymore because it needs to be organized and finished painted like yesterday.  And do I have enough blankets? Burp cloths? Cloth diapers? Clothes?!  I mean holy frigging crap this is coming up FAST (as I'm 35/35 yesterday!) and I don't feel like we're ready at all.  I need to clean and disinfect things so they're ready, ESPECIALLY the bathroom and kitchen.  

We went and got nursing tops and a hospital night gown for me last night- and we need to pack our bag and finish the baby's room too.  It seem crazy that we're going to be parent in approximately a month.

In other news, we had a great extended weekend!  On Thursday I drove to Jared & Casey's rode up with them to Knott's Berry Farm where we did the annual chicken dinner a little earlier this year.  It was sad without Granddaddy there, but his legacy was able to live on with his daughter, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren all remembering him and celebrating his life.

Paul and I then stayed with Dave & Sally at the Disneyland Hotel. It was absolutely gorgeous, and really nice to be able to spend time with them again.  I am so lucky to have such great in-laws!

The next day we headed into the park!  Paul and I were genius enough to get me a wheelchair, which was awesome.  Not only because we got to be front of the line kids, but because it meant that when I was tired or my hips started to hurt that I could just sit down and relax! And while by the end of the night I was still braxton-hicksy and tired and my hips and sciatica felt like they were going to kill me it was still a wonderful, wonderful day.

-almost punching a man for running into me and causing me to spill my hot cocoa.  The words I may or may not have used on him might send kids into therapy.
-Peter Pan.  No words needed.
-rocking Indiana Jones despite being scolded several times.  Not a single bh bitches!
-seeing Madison as the rebel spy.  Twice!
-seeing Jared as the russian/rebel spy
-scoring dinner reservations spur of the moment due to a cancellation and having an amazing meal at the Rainforest Cafe.
-sour balls
-getting to spend time with our family and have one last fun trip before the baby!

We spent the night at Dan's and magically slept in a twin sized bed, and managed to fit better than when we were dating and would nap together, despite my big ol' belly.  I think it helps that I no longer sleep like a starfish, and instead sleep in the fetal position, curled protectively around my fetus.  Woke up to bacon and pancakes, Paul cut everyone's hair, and then we headed to Downtown Disney for a quick bite and shopping before I went to the Grinder for thebump lunch!

Which was, for the record, amazing.  Tania, Catrina, and Melissa were really cool girls, and it was really nice to be around people who knew EXACTLY what I was going through.  We ate, gabbed, Tania left for massage, and the three of us remaining decided to walk around the circle.  For the record, walking around with other preggos is the best.  I didn't have to speed walk to keep up, didn't have to beg anyone (yes that means you, Paul) to slow down, we just mozied down into the best antique store ever.  It was full of awkwardness and pretty much made my life.

I met Paul, Sally, Dave, and Julia and Meemaw and Granddaddy's house just when it was getting dark to sort through some things.  Paul shared a lot of memories from his childhood with me there, and we were given some of Granddaddy's books to remember him by- specifically his Mark Twain collection given to him by his parents.  Once I knew (and I could tell by the wearing on the spines) how much he loved Mark Twain it became obvious in his personality- in his humor and wit- and I feel so blessed to be able to have those books and those memories, and share them with the great-grandchild Granddaddy never got to meet.  

It made me think though, going through his things, about the things that I have, and what I might left behind and how people might feel about things.  We found some pretty saucy books (which Julia of course took home!) and it made me laugh.  You learn so much about a person by what they leave behind.  What do I have to leave behind?  What will you leave behind and what will it say about you?

After we grabbed dinner, and went home absolutely exhausted.  It was so nice to be back in our house!  Unfortunately my uterus decided sleep wasn't going to happen as I was having pretty crazy bh, but since it wasn't progressive I didn't call it in.  It did mean that I missed church which was a bummer since it was "I swear I'm not wearing pink!" Sunday.  Dave and Sally came up after visiting the Valley Center ward and shared lunch, a movie, orange picking, and propane getting with us.  It was so nice to see them.  Both Paul and I agree that we really wish they hadn't have moved out of state, it would be amazing for Anthony to have both sets of grandparents here.  We might be plotting sneaky ways to get them to move back, but they seem so happy where they are it's hard to justify it.  I know Paul misses them so much though.  

After they left Paul and I went into deep relaxation mode- it was such a busy weekend!  And now we get to have a busy week and onto a weekend of hopefully baby prepping.  Cuz holy shit, we're going to be parents. Freaking soon.

Little Boy keep cooking and keep safe!  We'll see you soon. <3

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