I'm having a baby.

A freaking baby.  As in there is a PERSON living in my belly right now.  And he will actually come out in a few weeks and live and grow and love.  It's really, really effing weird to think about.

Especially since sometimes I forget.  Weird right?  How does one "forget" that they have 20 or so pounds of baby and fluid and literally protruding from the front of them is beyond me, but somehow I manage.  And then he kicks me or I try and stand up and it's like "Oh yeah, I'm hugely pregnant.  No big deal."  But it IS a big deal, a big fricking deal and it's actually terrifying.   But really, really cool at the same time.

It's taken nine months, but Paul and I have grown a person.  A flipping person came from our love from one another.  I can't wait to meet this little boy.  He's going to be so cool, I just know it.

I forgot to update on this but I had a sort of labor-ish scare on Monday.  I was nauseous and sweaty with regular braxton hicks and cramping in my back and legs.  I called Paul frantically and had him pack a labor bag and then tried to walk it off, which didn't really work.  I called Eastman, but she was at lunch and so I decided to wait out the half an hour for her to come back, but then the whole labor feelings calmed down and I knew it wasn't it- but I went home and had a bath and some lambrusco and took it easy for the rest of the day and the next day.  So no baby yet- thank goodness.  He totally needs to bake more.

Also Christmas is in two days.  Our last Christmas as a twosome.  Holy crap.

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