Some day

my baby boy will read this and be traumatized about the over share I did with the internet.  He will be especially thrilled when I talk about his boy parts and poops and that the entire cyberworld was able to get all up in the details.  He will be furious with me and I will laugh and tell all his friends which will be awesome.

I full-termed this week.  Which is mind blowingly crazy.  After all this time it's almost over, or rather almost just beginning.  I'm so excited to meet my little man!

As far as progress goes, I had my first internal yesterday. I'm not dilated, but 80% effaced and at -2 I've been having pretty regular braxton hicks and lots of cramping- which is apparently a good thing because that is just my cervix flattening out.  He's all ready to go- just 17 days to go :)

And I think we're ready- labor bag is packed, everything is put together, I got a manual pump, all we have to do now is clean, prep the clothes, and have a baby :)

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