41 week

appointment went well.  It was disappointing going to L&D and not having anything happen.  But he looks good, he's getting very chubby!  His fluids are totally fine but my placenta is starting to age.  He had his hands up over his face the entire time so we weren't able to get a good shot.


For some reason I can't get it unsideways but you can see his eyes and his two hands right in front of his face. AGAIN. After we got that shot he turned away so we couldn't see anything.  Stubborn baby!  His fluid levels are good (we even got to see him pee which was weird) and my placenta is starting to age.  Dr. E isn't worried about that yet.

I'm still only 1 cm, but my cervix has moved anterior and he's at -1 which is good.  She stripped my membranes and told me to come back Thursday, but said if I start to "lose my humor" she'd break my water and let me walk around to cause dilation after and then deliver the baby.  Right now I'm giving this kid 24 hours to make an appearance before I go for that option, but we'll see!

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