Early labor

is teh suck.  Woke up at 4 am with regular contractions averaging about 35 seconds each and 3.5 minutes apart.  I timed them, and took a shower waiting for them to subside.  They didn't, so I called Dr. Eastman at around 5:30.  She told me to head to the hospital and we'd go from there.  We got there around 7, checked in and they strapped me up to the monitors.  Anthony's heartbeat was strong and the contractions were steady at 3-4 minutes.  Ace was totally sleeping so they told me to wake him up to help things progress.  After about an hour on the monitors the nurse (who was so freaking nice) did an internal.  Holy eff I never thought I'd miss Dr. Eastman so much.  I was in so much freaking pain.  She had a hard time reaching my cervix so it was basically an assault.  I was a whole freaking centimeter and so they gave me the option of staying there with a dose of pitocin to speed things along or to go walk around the hospital.  I asked if we could opt for pancakes- to check out and come back when things progress more.  The nurse told me that I was definitely in early labor and that she'd see me later!

Pancakes were delicious.  Then we walked around target for about an hour before going back to the hospital and napping in the car.  Paul was passed out so I decided to go for a walk around the hospital grounds.  Strangely enough walking makes my contractions calm down- like they're still happening but the pain subsides.  Whereas when I'm sitting and relaxing I want to stab myself in the eye during the contractions.  I think the walking rocks him to sleep, which apparently makes things a lot less painful.  I ran into Dr. E while I was walking, told her the what and she suggested I go home and get some rest and that either way I'd see her tomorrow (and see Anthony tomorrow!)

Went home, napped with Paul, went for a walk, went to dinner with Sally (yay!) And here I am, sitting on the couch with regular contractions wondering when the pain is going to get more severe so I  can go back in and go into serious, hurty, baby bringing labor.

Little One,
We love you so much and can't wait to meet you!  Hurry your cute little butt up!
Mom & Dad

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