It has become evident to all parties involved

that this baby is never coming.  Dr. Eastman totally jinxed me with the whole "any day now" at the 38 week appointment because at 39 we had made no additional progress, and she said that he seems comfortable in here.  I get ridiculously excited at any contraction, but have had literally 3 in two weeks.  THREE.  Come on baby, don't you know we're ready for you and we want to meet you?  Bags are packed, everything is washed, cloth diapers are prepped...  We just need this baby!

I think he's going to wait until February though, as sad as I am to admit it.  He's an Eccles, and typically Eccles are late.  Chances are he'll poke his head out on groundhog's day and then decide there are 6 more weeks of winter and go back in for hibernation.  Sigh.

I'm actually not that uncomfortable though.  Other than not being able to sleep due to the crazy insomnia things are pretty good.  We're going on nightly walks to try and jostle the baby out and spending a lot of good quality time together- soaking up every last chance together, just the two of us.  <3

Here's hoping there's three sooner rather than later!

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