You never think

that it's going to be you.  I could look up statistics on going over 40 weeks with your first one but that is far too much work.  Instead I have decided to accept that this baby wants to cook, and cook he shall.  My due date has come and gone, as well as my 40 week appointment.  I made a little progress, half a centimeter and I'm 90% effaced.  I was a little disappointed because of all the freaking contractions I've been having but at least it was something!  We go in on Monday for 41 weeks and an ultrasound to check his fluid levels and how my placenta is aging.  I'm really hoping I don't make it to that appointment, but if little man wants to chill, he's going to chill.  I mean, after 40 weeks and 2 days, what's a few more right?

Or so I'm telling myself.  These have been the slowest days of my life, filled with braxton hicks, actual hurty contractions, extreme rib pain, cramping, and lots of intense belly rolling.  I keep trying to tell him that it'll be more comfortable to move around when he's on the outside but clearly he's not listening :P

In other news Paul and I have watched almost all the Harry Potter movies together.  We just have the last two now and I'm so happy that Paul was willing to watch them with me!  He's gotten so into them and I've never been prouder in my life.  Except his intuition is annoyingly good and he keeps calling things before they happen.  Fool.

Who knows, maybe this will be my last post while pregnant?  Maybe tonight could be the night.  But most likely not.  Most likely I will be pregnant tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after.  Anthony just needs a little more time, and he will happen when he happens.

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