I'm sitting here

with the world's most perfect child in my arms.  He is calm and sweet, he rarely ever cries- only when his diaper is being changed. mom isn't giving him the boob fast enough, or daddy is giving him too many kisses.  He is so wonderful, I freaking love him so much!

I was thinking about adding an "in other news" to this, but I have realized that I have none.  I'm officially one of those parents who has nothing other than their kid.  I can't help it though, he's my whole world.  How can I not talk about my whole world?  Paul and I can sit for hours and talk about the color of eyes, the curve of his smile, the sweet sleepy sounds he makes in his sleep, or the contents of his diaper change.  It's impossible NOT to think about him, or talk about him because he's everything.

Anthony has made me appreciate and love Paul so much more too.  If he and I can do this together, we can do anything.  I can't wait to see what's to come.  <3

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