Dear Anthony,

You are amazing.  Watching you grow has been one of the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced in my entire life.  And you're growing, growing faster than I can keep up with.  It seems like just yesterday you were this tiny thing in my hands.  Now you're EVERYWHERE, laughing and playing and terrorizing the poor cat.  You have teeth. You crawl. You desperately want to stretch your legs and walk and run and fall.

Little one, I am certain you are my best friend.  I wake up every morning just to see you.  I live each day to be with you.  I sleep at night with you cradled in my arms, counting your sweet breaths and wondering what I did, what I could have possibly done to deserve such a perfect, wonderful little boy.  All my life, I've been waiting for you.  You've made me a better person.  You've taught me that love conquers all, that in the midst of tragedy there is goodness.  I know that God exists because of you, and that He loves me.  For my love for you is just a shadow of His love for me, for us.  Which means it's immeasurable.  Uncountable.

Baby, I can't wait to show you the world.  There is so much beauty on this earth.  And together- you, me, and your daddy- we will experience it all.  You already love the natural world.  The outside seems to be your favorite place.  Any upset or temper tantrum is immediately cured by fresh air, blue skies.

Anthony Christopher you are perfect.  You are perfect the way God made you.  There is nothing about you I would change.

I love you,



  1. I needed something good and found it with you and your son. thank you
    I was just told how a grandmother's 2 year old grandson drank her bottle of mohito alcohol) while she was passed out on the couch drunk!!!!! The daughter came to pick him up, saw the situation and took her child to the hospital where he was found to be in alcohol distress and two times the legal limit of being drunk.

    OH the grace of God is so good to allow us these little lives. Why do some people not care!