It's Easy Being Green: Things I'm not ready to give up

I've been thinking a lot the sacrifices we can make as a family to be greener.  There are so many more things we can do.  We already switched to raw milk, soap nuts, eat grass fed beef, cloth diaper, try and use natural beauty and hygiene products (though admittedly there is room for improvement there),  are on solar power and well water, and eat a lot of home grown fruits and veggies.  I would like to cut out processed foods completely, increase our home grown/local food intake, make more of our food, get chickens and goat (pending husband approval), switch to reusable feminine products upon the return of my cycle, and that's just the beginning.

There are things, however, I am not willing to give up:

1. Toilet paper.
I support those who use family cloth.   I think it's great.  However it is definitely NOT for me.  I think Paul would have a heart attack if told him we were going to make this switch.

2. Baby wipes.
I tried cloth wipes.  I love the idea, but for some reason Anthony got a rash every damn time I tried them.  I used different materials (flannel, cotton, terry cloth) and different cloth wipe solutions (just water, water with olive oil, water with coconut oil and tea tree oil, etc) but they just seemed to irritate his skin.  I guess we'll just stick with Pampers sensitive for now.

3. Netflix.
I love my instant streaming, mind numbing entertainment.  How else will I watch old episodes of Doctor Who?  In all honesty we will probably give this up eventually.  But not anytime soon, please and thank you.

4. Cell Phone.
Arguably cell phones are necessary in our modern world.  We also don't have a land line. I require that my cell be a smart phone, as I tend to get lost and like directions in my hand.  I went a short stint with a regular phone and Paul (who previously complained about the money spent on my phone) declared I needed one after we got lost for several hours and had to get directions from his mom, who was two states away.

5. Corporate Coffee.
I love Starbucks.  I gave them up for the summer, but I'm back with a vengeance thanks to fall flavors.  I'd love to support local and fair trade in our area, but I have yet to find anything in our area.  Granted, I haven't looked that hard, but unless they have a drive thru and a rewards program I don't know if I'll make the switch.  Besides, the two places I've tried out have been even MORE expensive than Starbucks.  Yeesh.

To be fair, all of these things might change.  They might not.  But as of now, these are the things I'm not ready to relinquish for the greater good.

 What are some uncrunchy things that you love?


  1. I love #1....I don't think anyone should give this up unless the world is coming to an end! julieann r

  2. Everyone has them! I'm with on all of these, except for Starbucks and that's just because I'm cheap. :)

  3. I can't give up TP or starbucks either! I do try to cut back though. I really need to give up soda though :(

  4. I'm with you- I read about all the amazing ways people are going green and while I do my best, there are some things I can't seem to adapt, namely the no TP! I think everyone can do little things that add up to a big impact.

  5. I'm definitely with you on the toilet paper and cell phone (or at least some form of internet). I have family members phone numbers in there that I wouldn't know if I didn't have my cell phone. lol And about 6 months ago I probably would've said baby wipes too but thankfully my youngest is 3 now (potty trained 6 months ago) so we don't need to buy baby wipes anymore... YAY! :D

  6. Ha ha - I'm so with you on toilet paper and Starbucks. But think about all the great things you're doing to be green - every little bit helps.

  7. We're a Doctor Who Netflix green family too. :)