31 Days To Make A House A Home: Day 13: Little By Little

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Today we spent a great deal of time snuggling.  The weather is cool, and requires fuzzy pants, chai tea, and lots and lots of baby time.  So that's what we did.  So instead of undergoing a huge project, I did little things today to hopefully make big changes.

I gave away a bag of clothes.  Rather than donating them to Goodwill, I donated them to my sister.  They were mostly t-shirts that had been worn approximately three times, underwear that were impulse buys and never worn, and work out shorts that will probably never, ever, ever fit me again.  It felt good to release myself from these clothes!

I changed my laundry habits to better facilitate actually putting things away.  Rather than pulling things out of the dryer and letting them because an awful laundry pile, I hung hangers over my washing machines so that I'll have easy access and can put things away immediately.  They also serve as a guilty reminder of things I need to do.

And (look out mom, you might cry) I made my bed.  I've never seen the point in doing this.  Why make a bed when you're just going to sleep in it again?  But it feels so nice to pull open the sheets and get into a made bed.  It's warmer in the winter, and my husband thinks it's the bee's knees.  It also makes the room look a lot neater than it is.  I hope it's something that I can keep up!


  1. My favorite thing to do when i feel like i am not getting anything finished in a day is to make my bed.

  2. Did you say washing machineS? Wow! Lucky you! (:
    I agree about the bed. I have never seen the point in making a bed that you're just gonna sleep in again that night. Ealier this year, I realized my husband really likes a made bed, so I started making ours every morning (instead of just on weekends as I was doing). I kept it up for months and really enjoyed it. But one day DH (who's name is also Paul!) told me he didn't care if the bed got made every morning, so I quit doing it. I need to start back, though, because like you said, it just looks so much nicer. And it really makes me feel like I've done something! (: