31 Days To Make A House A Home: Day 20: Ten Second Tidy

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First of all, if you know what I'm referencing in the title of my post you get some serious awesome points.  Second, today has been one of those days.  While filled with a lot of goodness- breakfast at my mom's house, quality time with our in-laws, perfect fall weather- it has also been a struggle.  There's something seriously wrong with my back that makes standing, walking, or babywearing for more than 10-15 minutes of a time unbearable.  The result of these actions is a stabbing pain in my lower back which leads to numbness, aching, and tingling in my legs.  It's the main reason why I started going back to the chiropractor, and to a new chiropractor who deals with whole health and not just the spine, but I'll be posting about that in greater detail after this series is over.  The trouble is, not being able to walk or stand for extended periods of time makes this challenge extremely difficult. It's hard to deep clean or rearrange furniture when you feel like there's a smallish monkey on your back stabbing your just above your pelvis.  So while I planned on getting the baby's room started today, it just wasn't happening.

And neither, for that matter, was basic pick up.  I spent most of the day dealing with some personal things and fighting the desperate urge to eat every carbohydrate in the house.  The chiro did muscle testing and there's something wrong with my gall bladder, so we're rocking carb free- which is unfortunate because I literally only eat carbs.  It's like reinventing the wheel for me, but on the plus side no carbs will probably make me super skinny, which I definitely support.

Anyway, I was working on making some mulled cider when I see my brother and sister in laws car.  Cue panic room survey, and panic.  Granted, it wasn't as bad as it would usually be but there was yarn on the couch, clothes on the floor, and baby toys everywhere.  So I initiated the ten second tidy.  This involves either putting things away if it's convenient, or putting them somewhere else entirely to keep it out of site.  I was actually surprised at how easy it was this time.  Paul and I have definitely had a few mad dashes when the house looked like a china shop after a bull rampaged through it, but this was not the case.  Light pick up, cleaning off the counters, wiping down the table, moving the car seat/yarn/baby toys out and we had a presentable room.  

Plus, look at how cute Anthony is with his cousin.  He loves all of them!  He played so well.  It was nice to have dinner with family, and to spend some quality time just hanging around.

Good night!


  1. The mad dash clean! I have done this. :-) Hope you are feeling better soon. No carbs stinks!!

  2. thebestsisterever!!!!October 21, 2012 at 8:13 AM

    oooooohhhhhhhh Loonette the Clown!! Memories rushed back when I read "ten second tidy".

  3. thats awesome - great feeling isnt it? i know i luv that i no longer have to open my door just a bit when people come over. (ok fine i still do it but more out of nueroticness being careful that they can't see my hubby isnt home). sounds like maybe your sciatic nerve - it sounds just like when mine did that, i've never felt that bad of pain in my entire life. hope it gets better really quickly!