31 Days To Make A House A Home: Day 25: Putting Baby In the Corner,Part 3

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There will probably be whining a lot in this post, but it's been four or five days of working on this room and it is still.not.done.  Tonight I took my laptop, Anthony, and myself and parked it in the room with two bags, one for trash, and one for give away.  Granted, my trash bag is a LOT bigger than my give away, because everything I seemed to put in the pile was instantly the greatest toy in the history of the world and I couldn't pry it out of Anthony's hands for the life of me.  Oi.

On the plus side:  I put away the things I've been thinking about putting away for months- the swing, the playmat, the too small baby clothes.  I found essential oils, lansinoh, and all of Anthony's socks.  Even though it's not finished, I feel accomplished that something has been done.

Sadly this is "clean enough" for me to share it:

Let me just say, I will never let anything in my house get this messy again.  I will never allow my home to be a plethora of closed doors to hide clutter.  I've done way too much work over this last month to go back.

Okay, maybe less whining than I thought.  Goodnight! 

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  1. So that you don't feel alone, I will let you know that I get cluttered and messy like this too sometimes. Sometimes my girls are the nes makings messes,but I choose not to clean it up. I am hoping in the new house, will be better!!

    Stacey @ http://forestroadhome.blogspot.ca