31 Days To Make A House A Home: Day 28: Putting It Back Together

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I've come to the conclusion that the thing I like the most about painting is putting the room back together. I'm not going to post a full picture of the full room until we're all done, but here's a sneak peak of the painted walls. 

So you see the flower on the wall as a result of the light?  How cool is that.

Accent wall!

As you can see, they are incredibly barren.  Now comes my least favorite part of putting a room together- hanging things up.  This requires making holes; which is rather permanent.  I also don't really have an eye for these things, as I've said in previous posts.  Once again, Brie totally made this possible.  She laid out frames, arranging them like an elaborate game of tetris.  But with nails.

Now I just have to add pictures!  How awesome does this arrangement look?  I would have absolutely never considered this.  I probably would have waited until next year (probably next October) to try to actually hang things up.  In fact, I tried to hang up the arrangement she set above, but two of my pictures were missing the hanging backing and I started to panic because I totally hit a beam.  I might look into using sticky things on the back of the frames- no holes, no hammers, and movable! 

Brie also rearranged our display cabinet so that it better displays my dishes, and our personalities.  It's also a smallish tribute to Paul's Grandaddy.  He gave us the red truck cookie jar, the books are his, the framed sheet music from his coronet music book.  It's nice being able to highlight these things, and the deeper meaning that is connected.

I really appreciate Dan and Brie coming down to help us this weekend.  It was really nice being able to hang out with family, and to be around someone with the energy and work ethic of Brie.  Girl's a work horse.  She's the kind of person who climbs a mountain because it's there.  I'm infinitely impressed with her ability to homemake, work, wife, and potty train a puppy, all without letting any balls drop.  It was also really nice that Paul was able to spend time with his brother.  I know it's been hard having his closest family an hour a way.  It's been awesome that we've had family filled weekends for few weeks and counting!

Also, this is how Bo Jackson sleeps sometimes.  Vertical, in between couch cushions. How cute is this puppy?!

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