31 Days To Make A House A Home: Day 4: Brrr It's Cold In Here

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Today I am home.  There is absolutely nothing better than waking up to my smiling baby and knowing I don't have to rush out of the door for work.  There is nothing better baby kisses, baby snuggles, and baby laughter knowing that I have all day to kiss, to snuggle, to laugh with him.  Armed with a full heart, I went to the kitchen to assess what breakfast possibilities.

Ummm yeah.  That's my fridge.

Time for a cooking day. (And also to clean out the fridge, but that wasn't as fun.)

We started out this morning with bacon, scrambled eggs, and cinnamon apple tea.    There's nothing like a delicious, awesome breakfast to kick off a day.

Guess who loved the eggs?!

This was followed by cooking beans.  Growing up, we always had beans in our fridge.  Always.  Easy, good source of protein, delicious, and cheap.  They make for low maintenance cooking too.  Just sort 'em to get out the nasties and rocks, put them in a big pot, fill that with water and cook.  I add a splash of bacon grease to the water for flavor, and then season when the beans are done.  And voila! Food for the rest of the week.  I did two pots, on black and one pinto.  


The benefit of growing up on a steady diet of beans is that they do not affect me in any.  Paul on the other hand, did not grow up on beans.  He may have to sleep outside.

I also made whipped cream.  It was sort of a fail.  It didn't really fluff up the way it was supposed to.  So I added cinnamon and put it in my tea.  Pretty much the best decision of my life.  The rest, I used for this:

Why yes.  That is pumpkin bread.  With whipped cream frosted.  Yes I frost my bread, do you want to fight about it?

I also vacated the fridge, threw all the expired things into the hog slop, and scrubbed the inside with homemade cleaner.  This, combined with the 87 thousand dishes I need and the counter deep clean means day four is done!

Here's the clean fridge.  I forgot to include that.  Please note I REALLY need to go shopping.  And I found 8 lbs of rice in there.  EIGHT POUNDS.  Guess what's for dinner tonight?

See you tomorrow!


  1. after pics of the fridge please :)

  2. Second Randi! Need to know the how of the failed whipped cream. Because it looks delicious on that bread!!!

    1. I started out with two cups of cream, 2 tablespoons of vanilla, and 4 tablespoons of sugar. For the frosting I took a cup of powdered sugar, two tablespoons of cinnamon and mixed in probably two tablespoons of the whipped cream mixture or enough make it spreadable. It's so good!

  3. Yum, pumpkin bread!! And Anthony's face is adorable! Way to go today :)

  4. Your fridge most definitely looks better than mine! And as far as making a house a home...the smell of pumpkin bread baking will do much for that :)

  5. Good work! Can you come do mine? I got as far as stacking all the old food on the counter...

  6. Don't you just love havin a clean fridge? Mine gets like you "before" picture about once every two weeks and I have to do a major cleaning like you did. I have yet to figure out how to keep it from getting that bad! And its always such a chore to clean it out, but so nice to see afterwards. (: