31 Days To Make A House A Home: Day 8: Storage Solutions

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We're keeping it simple tonight, as Anthony is cutting his top two teeth and is kind of a bear.  This requires more snuggles than organizing and cleaning.  Therefore, today's post is brought to you by my favorite thing in the world.  CLOTH STORAGE BINS.  

These are seriously the best way to store things.  Not only are these cute, but you can store things "messily." I don't need to make sure everything is in there absolutely perfectly, I can just toss whatever I'm storing in there without stressing.  I store diapers, pump parts, containers, baby toys, and whatever else needs storing. Anthony loves them too! He can knock them down, toss them around, empty all their contents everywhere, and I don't need to worry about him hurting himself or destroying the container.  And these lovely tan bins are perfect for future decorating products!

Storing my storage containers

Easy access for Anthony!
Pump parts and glass containers

Diapers stash
I call that a win, don't you?

My favorite thing to store!


  1. Love this! We use cloth bins for a lot of things! They are fantastic. Anthony is too cute <3


    The Sweet Life

  2. I love these baskets and I agree that the baby in the basket is my fave too!


  3. That is so neat. I have only used plastic, and hate them as they just aren't eco friendly. I will have to check out these fabric ones! They will look so much prettier too.