31 Days To Make A House A Home: Day 9: Eat, Pray, Love

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Today I went grocery shopping for the first time in weeks.  You've seen my fridge, so you know it's pretty much empty.  So after stocking up on a a ridiculous amount of food (and bacon, in fear of the upcoming pork shortage) we were set.  When everything was brought in and "put away" my pantry looked like a small food bomb went off in it.

I cleared everything out, wiped down the shelves, and organized by general food type.  I put all of Anthony's food in one of my lovely cloth storage bins.

It's so nice knowing exactly what we have, exactly what we may need, and have a decent food storage for tough times.

I know I've been taking it easy the last couple of posts.  I'm actually terrified of walking into the back rooms of our house.  Our bedroom, bathroom, and Anthony's room are absolutely disastrous.  Like, so bad I don't even want to post pictures.  I've got a lot of work to do!


  1. I love how Anthony is grabbing onto his bin, like he is making sure you know that is his food!
    Looks good lady!

  2. Might just need to order these magical cloth organizers! you have sold me on their functionality! :-)

  3. If I took a day to clean and organize my pantry/stockpile, I wouldn't say I was taking it easy! That's a pretty big job, so give yourself some credit :) Looks good...keep plugging along!

  4. Cleanin out your pantry is NOT takin it easy! I did that a while back and whew! What a job! So nice to have everything organized, though. (: