Dear Anthony

You are exactly 300 days old today.  Why are you growing so fast?

I think you've started to figure out how amazing you are.  Every time you do something fantastic- like standing on your own or wagging your head or throwing a ball- you get this look on your face.  I've seen it a thousand time on your father's face, it says "Hey, look what I can do.  I'm amazing and you need to acknowledge me."  And I do.  I can't even help it.

You've discovered that you can reject me.  When I got to pick you up when you're doing something bad (ie getting into the cabinets, trying to eat tiny pieces of everything, juggling chainsaws), rather than reach up to me like you do you pull back.  You make yourself small and recoil, arching your back and screaming like you're in pain.  As if that would stop me from stopping you.

At this moment you are trying to rip the laptop out of my hands, touch all of the buttons, and smash everything. You are a hitty boy.  You hit everything- especially the cat.  But he only minds a little bit.

I think my favorite thing about you right now is that you go from zero to sixty and then from sixty to zero.  You have no in betweens (your dad will tell you that you get that from me.)  One second you are sound asleep and the next you are sitting up, making your presence known.  At night you go from crawling circles around me and laughing hysterically (you silly tired boy) to fast asleep.  Honestly, I don't understand it, but you make me smile.

Currently we're trying the whole solids thing.  It's not going well.  Are you sure you can't breastfeed forever? Sometimes you do quite amazing!  You love cauliflower and broccoli and cheese and rice and tortillas and peanuts, but not as much as you love choking on them.  I swear I've never seen so much puke in my life.  You'll be fine and dandy gnoshing in your single grain of rice and then it's too much for you and we're taking another bath.

Speaking of baths, you're obsessed.  Baffershowers, we call them, don't ask me why.  The song goes "Got to take a baffershower, got to take one with your mom.  Got to take a baffershower, haven't had one in so long.  A baffershower!"  Which of course is alternated with "Got to take one with your dad/It's the best you ever had." The minute you hear the shower running you sprint-crawl to the bathroom and stand up against the side trying to get in.  It's common knowledge in this house that baths are shared time.  You are so fun to take baths with.  You're all over the place- splashing and playing and squealing.  It's seriously the best.

I just want to let you know how much I love you, Bug.  You changed my life.  You made me a person, you made me worthwhile.  I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with you.  I know there will be challenges (aka once you start walking to once you've graduated college) but I can't wait.  Every moment with you is a blessing, baby boy.  You make my soul smile.

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  1. Motherhood is the best even with its ups and downs as you have already seen. Nice enjoyable post.

    I am right after you on Heavenly Homemakers linkup this week. I am from WholeHearted Home.