What The Chiropractor Said

I'm not a big fan of conventional medicine.  It has it's time and place, but I believe that in our desperate need to further technology we have lost sight of how amazing our body's are when allowed to heal naturally.  Growing up, we didn't go to the doctor for well visits or colds or even the flu, we went when we were seriously ill.  I honestly only remember three or four doctor's visits in eighteen years, two of which involved the nasty case of strep throat I had as a child, and I think the other two were mandated by the state for school purposes.  That's why when my back issues started to come back, it never entered my mind to go to the doctor.  What would my general practitioner do?  Give me a muscle relaxer and an ice pack?  The point seemed moot.  Instead, I've been living with the pain and waiting to go see the chiropractor.

A few weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and decided to go back to the chiropractor.  I've been dealing with some serious back pain, mainly in my lower back, which results in leg numbness and all around general discomfort, usually brought on by walking, carrying my baby, sitting, and standing.  Which is unfortunate, since those things are non-optional for me.

After doing some research and reviewing prices, I decided to change from my chiropractor of four years to a completely new practice.  Dr. Hollee of Crossroads Health Center does not just focus on the spine, but on the whole health.  She is sweet and understanding, and a bowl full of knowledge.  I was instantly impressed by her demeanor, and when she started testing my body I was shocked by the outcome. Dr. Hollee does muscle testing, which sounds totally weird at first.  She had me raise up my arm and push up against her hand while she pushed various pressure points throughout my body.  Places of weakness, such as my gallbladder, when touched with the slightest touch made it impossible for me to continue to keep my arm up against the slight touch of her hand.  Honest to God, I wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't happened.

But it did.  And through the muscle testing we were able to pinpoint my weaknesses.  My body is currently running at 40%.  My hips are slanted one direction, as are my shoulders, while my head is slanting differently.  My gallbladder isn't functioning properly, which has contributed to the 30 pounds I gained in 8 months during my first year of marriage.  I am 23 years old and my body is not working like it should.

And now it's time to fix that.  

The first thing step:

Cutting out grains, potatoes, and corn.

Which sucks, by the way.  As an Italian, my food groups are pasta, tomatoes, and bread.  I literally eat carbs for breakfast, carbs for lunch, and carbs for dinner.  I am a carb person.  Or I was.  I've had to completely revamp my diet.  Instead of a bagel for breakfast, I do fruits or nuts or yogurt.  Instead of pasta for lunch, I do chicken or veggies or soups.  Instead of meat and rice for dinner, I've replaced my rice with cauliflower or broccoli.

It's really difficult to completely change your lifestyle.  After two weeks of being grain-free, I decided to eat a quarter cup of pasta, you know, no big deal.  Except it was.  I had terribly stomach cramps, nausea, and my entire body felt heavy.  It wasn't worth it, at all.  Since then, I've been able to detect sneaky grains in my food based on my reaction after.  I don't seem to have a big problem with corn or rice, but flour is like a body bomb.  Gross.

The second step:

Continued treatment.

This means a small fortune paid out to the chiropractor.  It kind of hurts my soul, but I need to able to function.  I have to spread out my treatments more than I'd like to, and more than Dr. Hollee would like to, but we're making it work.

The third step:


Putting good stuff into my body to help it function, and to get rid of the bad stuff.   There is a little bit of a challenge involved in this since I'm still breastfeeding, but Dr. Hollee is working with me to ensure that both my health and Anthony's health are secure.

The fourth step:

Working out.

I know I need to do it, but haven't been because of my back issues.  So I'm going to start doing yoga again, and maybe do a little running.  Running surprisingly has little effect on my back.  Make sense of that one.

The fifth step:

Feeling better.

It's already started, and I'm definitely excited to see it continue.  I didn't realize how bad it was, until my body started to work.  It's actually kind of scary that I've been living like this for so long.  I'm ecstatic to see how I improve upon further treatment.

What natural things are you doing to improve your lifestyle and body?

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  1. Good for you! I need to see a chiropracter like that. I've been seeing a chiro since 2007 and he has GREATLY helped me, but he didn't do any tests like that, and he didn't recommend any diet changes. He did recommend some supplements, but honestly I couldn't afford all that, nor did I want to take 30 pills a day. I need to go back to him again, its been a while since I've had an adjustment. I used to be very skeptical about "alternative medicine," but after my experience with chiropractic, I am a believer! I just wish it was covered by my insurance so I could go more often. I hope you keep gettin better. I know how it is to be young and have your body just not work right! We've been tryin to figure mine out for years, haha. (:

  2. I no longer use conventional medicine unless it's a real need. I am so glad that I stumbled onto your post because I threw my back out a couple weeks ago, and while it's gotten better, I am still dealing with regular pain, numbness, tingling. I've been on the fence about how I feel about chiropractors, but I feel like I should make the effort to find one now!

  3. Ugh...this once again makes me feel that I really, really ought to go grain free....Nooooooooo!!! <--that's my soul crying out at the thought. Maybe I'll make it a New Year's Resolution?

  4. I love reading about things like this! Good for you! I keep thinking I should find a holistic healing clinic but I just haven't scrounged up the time...

    I also find that running will help, rather than hurt, most of my neck and back issues when I have them. I think it loosens me up.

    I hope you keep feeling better!

  5. Good for you! I have on my to do list to visit a Chiro some day... :)

  6. Wow, sounds like you are at the beginning of a major transformation. Good for you for taking the initiative to do everything you need to be your best self! Good luck!

  7. Sorry to hear this, you really have had a rough time! I hope you win through with your new diet! BTW have you had your thyroid levels checked? Sometimes it can cause the symptoms you are describing and I haven't suffered from the severe back ache I used to have since starting my medication.

    Take care


  8. Good for you for making changes! I've been backsliding on eating wheat, and have noticed a difference. It's hard not to eat wheat. I just take it one day at a time.

    Thanks for linking up to Frugal Thursday! If you'd like to share more of your health journey, I cohost a linky on Mondays called Motivation Monday.

  9. I am so glad you are making changes! It is difficult but will be worth it in the end. Have you tried walking? I really like the dvd's by Leslie Sansone - she keeps you upbeat even in her 4 and 5 mile workouts.

  10. I am right there with you, woman. So much to change.. but sometimes you have to take one BIG step to get momentum going.

    I recently started being disciplined with my "extras"... and then gradually altering our diet one category at a time.

    To set myself up for success, I wrote out a list and every night before bed I set out everything ahead of time (except what obviously needs to be refrigerated - but it's all on the same shelf). It includes:

    - Drink one glass of (room temperature) water first thing
    - Take probiotic and Vitamin B
    - Take 2 drops of elderberry tincture
    - Take 2 tsp FCLO
    - Take 1 scoop of butter oil to follow (different spoon)
    - Take approx. 1/3 cup of Kombucha
    - One full glass of orange juice

    .. all this has to be done before I can make my morning coffee :) my best motivation!

    - Enjoy one green smoothie (late morning)
    - Drink 2 cups (one mug) homemade chicken broth (usually evening)

    We also go to the chiro approx. every 6 weeks (myself and two babies).

    I'm excited for you! It takes time to truly restore your health but quick fixes will never be the answer.

  11. Very interesting! I've always wanted to see a chiropractor just to see if I need to be realigned. My back often hurts after a long day and usually stretches make it feel better. I am all for natural ways of treatment. Congrats to you for making changes to be healthier!

    Visiting from the barn hop :)


  12. Money can be earned through hard work, but you only have one life to live. It is good that you are on the road to wellness. Small sacrifices now can bear great things in the future. Kudos to you for wanting to be healthy and actually doing steps to attain it! Keep up the good work!

    Tiffani Villagomez

  13. Tiffani is right! Small sacrifices can lead to huge gains. Living a healthy, balanced life can be tedious at first. But with proper discipline and patience, you can live a healthy lifestyle. And I think it is good that you are considering other options when it comes to wellness. Trying something unconventional can be a good thing. :-)

  14. Chiropractic care is definitely an effective alternative for conventional means of easing pain and muscle problems. It also helps keep us healthy. Glad you’ve found a good chiropractor, and it looks like he has his own way of treating pain. Anyway, I hope you feel better now. It would a good idea if you regularly undergo chiropractic treatment to keep your body in good condition always.

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  16. My chiropractor has helped me a lot. I had sciatica and was able to "cure" it by doing specific stretches on a regular basis after a couple of adjustments. Easy! My husband has always had lower and upper back problems. We invested in an inversion table, and he has not had the need to see the chiropractor in several years. He regularly "hangs" and it has virtually eliminated his back problems. I, too, rarely go to the doctor and have discovered many natural solutions to things most people run to the doctor for.