Guest Post: 'Tis The Season To Give Green

I am so excited to bring you this guest post!  With Christmas just around the corner, Kylie with Everblossom has some amazing ideas to give green and take a conscious step away from the rampant consumerism of the season.  Thank you so much Kylie!

‘Tis the Season to Give Green

Rather than celebrating, the holidays often have people rushing around town worrying about finding the ‘perfect’ gifts. Not only do you deserve a stress-free holiday this year, but putting too much of a focus on gift buying can make a serious dent in the environment. From driving excessively searching for presents to traveling long distances to visit families, the impact on our planet is huge, especially with the recent popularity of online shopping.

Many gifts that we buy not only end up being impersonal, but they are also often impractical to those receiving—and frequently end up in the trash or buried in the closet never to be seen again. Americans throw away about a million extra tons of garbage each week from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, so it’s safe to say that we could all use a few tips to cut back on waste this holiday season.

Following these green gifting tips can help keep your holiday calm and collected, without putting a dent in your pocket book.

Out-of-the Box Gift Giving

  • DIY: Who says you have to buy a gift from the store? Gifts made at home are often more personalized and meaningful, and will make your special someone feel, well, more special. If you need inspiration, Pinterest’s DIY tag will inspire you to start crafting today.

  • Buy Local: If you still want to head out shopping for gifts this year, try to buy from local vendors. One of the biggest tolls taken on the environment around the holidays is the gas and packaging used while shipping. Check local artisan shops and fairs for unique gifts that come without the cost of transportation.

  • Living Gifts: Every cook loves the luxury of using fresh herbs from the garden, so giving seeds and potted herbs is a great way to give gifts that will keep on giving long after the holidays end.

  • Recycled/Upcycled Goods: There are a lot of swanky stores now that specialize in recycled/upcycled goods. Uncommongrounds is one website that specializes in eco artisan goods that are well-designed and unique.

  • Don’t Stress About Re-Gifting: There seems to be a huge stigma about giving away gifts you’ve received, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Rather than throwing a gift away or giving it to a thrift store, consider if there is someone else on your gift list who might actually use and enjoy it.

Green Wrappings

The gift itself doesn’t have to be the only way you give green this year. Up to four million additional tons of waste are attributed to wrapping paper and shopping bags each year, so be smart with your wrapping choices. To complete the perfect green gift, try wrapping them with these eco options.

  • Use Household Paper: Old newspaper and paper bags make for great wrapping paper, and you can personalize the decorations on them to make the gift more personal.

  • Reuse: Use last year’s wrapping paper and do double-duty on saving year to year. If you make a habit of preserving used wrappings, you will also never have to buy it again.

  • Buy Recycled: If you want to buy new paper, try supporting some of the artisan recycled brands out there. Of the Earth has great sustainable paper options that are gorgeous as well.

Most importantly, gifting green this year will give you peace of mind, and give you more time, energy, and money to spend time with friends and family. Happy giving!

About the Author

Kylie Worthington is a crunchy wife and mama in a family full of boys. She is a freelance writer for several green businesses and also blogs at, where she shares tips on everything from buying food in bulk online to making your own homemade facial serum.

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