Happy New Year!

2012 has been quite a year, probably the best year of my life.  Paul and I started a new adventure in parenting with the birth of our wonderful son, Anthony.  He completely changed our lives, and rocked our worlds.  He has transformed from a tiny, sleepy newborn to a sweet and energetic boy.  He took his first step on the 23rd, and started full on walking on the 29th.  There is nothing so wonderful as seeing the look of joy on his face as he learns new things.  He's literally perfect, and we are so blessed to have him as a son.

Paul started a new job at a high end salon, but discerned that he was ready to try something new.  He started taking classes at a local college, quit his job, and started studying for the insurance exam full time. For those of you know Paul, you know how incredibly it is that he literally devoted 12 hours a day studying to pass his exam- which he did, and launched into a new career at Farmer's Insurance.

I went from working full time to part time, and was blessed to be able to bring Anthony into work with me.  The days home have given me the opportunity to get more things done at home, and to make a house a home.  I started blogging again, and participated in NaNoWriMo.  I have made new friends, reconnected with old ones.  I rediscovered my faith, and have been working on exploring it's vast depths.  I prioritized my health, which involves removing grains from my diet.  It sucks, but I feel so much better without it.  I can honestly say that I have never been happier.

2013 is a new year, and I can't fathom what new adventures it will bring.  Last year my one and only resolutions was to be have a baby.  I would call that a success!  Here are my resolutions for 2013:

  • Get healthy.  I would like to get my gall bladder fully functioning, and lose some weight.  But my overall health is more important than a number on a scale.  
  • Reach 100k words in my book.  I'm at 30k right now, so I would need to write 70k to get there.  Gulp!
  • Pay off my student loans.
  • Put 10K into savings

Thank you for following along, humble reader.  It means more to me than you know.  My goal, as a writer, was to touch just one person, to change them in some small way.  This blog has given me an out let to touch people's lives with tales from my own.  God bless you!

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