The Chiropractor Strikes Again

As I previously mentioned, I'm currently on a journey to get healthy.  Well, shit just got real.  My body has been improving on a corn, potato, and grain-free diet, but my chiropractor told me we needed to bring it to the next level.  She's put me on what she called a primal diet, which basically means awful.  I am 100% carb-free.  That means no sugar, no fruit except for granny smith apples, and only low-glycemic veggies.  The only sort of sugar I can have is xylitol.  It means my grain-free cookies are out, as is chocolate and tea and Christmas cookies and mulled apple cider and everything I love for December.

So what does that make a typical day like?  Here a few meal options:

Granny smith apple with peanut butter
Leftovers from dinner
Bacon and eggs

Dry roasted almonds
Veggies and hummus
Plain yogurt 

Homemade chicken soup
Salad with carrots, broccoli, romaine lettuce and chicken
Bacon wrapped, cream cheese stuffed chicken breast

Granny smith apple with peanut butter
Bone broth

Broiled teriyaki salmon with steamed broccoli
Almond flour and Parmesan crusted Tilapia 
Burrito bowl

It's incredibly hard.  I feel really limited, and it's forcing me to try new things.  Which I'm not really good at.  But I feel good.  I was really lax around Thanksgiving.  I ate potatoes and wheat and a LOT of pie.  But I know this is only temporary.  Once my body is balanced, I'll hopefully be able to eat like a normal person.  Until then, I'm eating like a caveman.  Nuts and meats and grown things.  

And let me tell you, if I'm not ridiculously skinny by the end of this, I may drown myself in pasta.

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  1. Have you looked at Elana's blog at She has tons of paleo recipes. I got her almond cracker recipe for a student that's on a ketogenic diet (think paleo's hard? Keto's worse.) The crackers are awesome - and easy - and I've liked other recipes of hers that I've tried. She does a lot with almond and coconut flours for baked goods, as well.

    Hang in there! This too shall pass!

    Had to giggle about drowning in pasta. I feel that way about chocolate...