What Happens When We Cheat

And I'm not talking about relationships, kiddos.  I'm talking about health.  This holiday season has been rough.  Imagine Christmas without cookies, mashed potatoes, eggnog, lasagna.  Imagine Christmas without joy, or anything remotely delicious.  Granted, this isn't what Christmas is about, but it's part of it.  So rather than listen to Doctor Hollee, I cheated.  I started eating wheat.  I started eating sugar.  I ate it all.  At first it was no big deal.  A little nausea here, a headache there.  But then my back pain started to return with a vengeance, and I was so consistently nauseous that I was certain I was pregnant.  I was miserable, and while the Christmas lasagna made lovingly by my Nonna seemed worth it at the time, the physical consequences were not.

 So that's it.  I'm officially back to a primal diet.  Back to green apples and veggies and meats and a little bit of sadness.  But knowing that it makes me feel better is going to have to be enough, since my body is stubbornly holding on the weight.  That coupled with yoga, and some serious trampolining should keep my healthy.  The weight is second, the body is first.

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