5 Easy Ways To Eat Better

1.  Shop Smart
This means reading the labels, and knowing exactly what you're putting in the cart.  If you can't pronounce it, don't buy it.  This is ridiculously hard the first few trips, it requires breaking habits that have probably been around for longer than you know.  I've gotten in the habit of just shopping the perimeter of the store, lots of greens and meats and stay away from the questionable middle sections full of tempting, artificial food.  Trust me when I say your body and your budget will be grateful!

2. Cook Everything
When you're the one actually making the meals, you know exactly what's in there.  There's no question about added dyes or unhealthy ingredients.  Bonus- you get to feel like a rockstar for making things from scratch.

3. Cook Big
Everyone has days when they just don't feel like cooking.   But if you plan ahead and make extra on the days that you do, you can freeze and eat on a later date.

4. Spice It Up
Added spices will make your food more flavorful, and thus more filling.  It's easy to gnosh a bowl full of blah without thinking about it, but when each bite has a zing you'll be less likely to overfill!

5. Be Adventurous
If you make a goal to try one new recipe a week, or even once a month you'll expand your palette and hopefully find new recipes to add to the menu.  There are so many resources online full of delicious, healthy meals that will please the whole family.  Spend a few minutes (or hours, let's be real) on pinterest and challenge yourself to try new things.

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