Moving Forward

I am a writer.

This is my small voice confession.  I have a hard time admitting it beyond my close circle of friends and family, because it feels impractical and pretentious.  I have nothing to show for it, not yet, besides this blog, and this blog, and this blog.  My books are unfinished and unpublished  my time is seldom spent honing on what I really need to be doing: writing.  Which is why I'm consolidating.

Blogging, in a way, is like a business.  I feel like I have to focus on a niche market, and separate myself out accordingly.  This blog started out as a series of love letters to my unborn son, and has morphed into an attempt to chronicle my adventures in parenting, in sustainability, in faith.  But that leaves out so much of me.  I am, as Dr. Hollee would say, more than a spine, a gallbladder, an eye.  I am more than a mother, a wife, a green blogger.  I am a whole person, I am Megan.  Part of being Megan, is being a writer.  I am going to shut down my other blogs, and talking about writing here.  If that's not what you're into, that's okay.  I will continue to blog about parenting and faith and being grain free and our journey towards self-sufficiency. None of that is going to change.  I'm just going to add a portion of myself that I've been holding back.

This definitely means more posting.  I've been a slacker post holidays and birthday.  I need to get back into a bloggy groove, because even if I'm not working on my book, writing here is enough to keep me sharp, to get my juices flowing.  It's also a reminder of who I want to be: homemaker extraordinaire, self-sufficient, mother of the year, published author, perfect wife, better person.  It sounds silly, but blogging helps me become all of those things, slowly and surely.

So plan accordingly, because there will be a lot more to read!


  1. Your description of who you want to be is extremely close to mine. Here's to us acheiving our goals! (:

    1. Amen sister! I'm glad we can work on it together.