Ordinary #fiveminutefriday

Five Minute Friday


She was far from ordinary.  She was the kind of girl who never opens doors, who walks with an overwhelming sense of grace and familiarity.  She was the kind of girl you could fall in love with and stay in love with, that you could talk home to your mother.  She was that kind of forever.

I tried to keep my hands from shaking.  I was hit, struck by her.  She did not make eye contact with me, just strode passed me, as if I had melted from existence.  It took all my power not to cry out to her, not to beg her to stop and stay and be with me forever. Is this love at first sight?  Is this how it feels when you find the other half of your soul?

 And then she was gone, like mist, like smoke.  She faded into the distance , nothing more than a whisper.  I relive that moment in my mind, a mantra.  I do it all different.  I catch her eye, reach out and touch her.  I capture her from her mundane life and meld her into mine, for book ends and happily ever afters.  She haunts me, my very life a nightmare now.  Life without her is a life without joy, without perfection, without love.

But she's the kind of a girl who never opens up a door, she's the kind of girl you know that you have seen before, she's the kind of girl that every body wants to blame.

And life without her is ordinary.


  1. Beautiful!! Love your blog...very pretty! Great words neighbor!

  2. glad she didn't disappear on me! :) Thanks for writing..

  3. What beautiful words you write! "That kind of forever." is going to stick with me for quite a while.

  4. ohhhhh it is so fun to read some fiction here - love it!

  5. Very interesting . . . want to know more! :)

  6. Wonderful free flow writing from the "ordinary" prompt. I think you have a great talent. Have a blessed day!

  7. Is this part of your novel? Very nice!

    1. Sort of. It's not in my novel per-say, but it's from the perspective of one of the characters. Writing it really helped me explore his voice!

  8. Great post on Ordinary. I enjoyed visiting you from 5MF. I posted too.
    I am following you now in my little Blue Slippers. Come by and see me.
    It was very nice meeting you.
    Have a wonderful weekend,