What Mama Did #fiveminutefriday

Five Minute Friday

There was never a mess that my mom couldn't clean up.  Those who have seen her house know that it's pristine, and any spill or speck of dust that is foolish enough to collide with her floors is soon swept away.  It wasn't just houses that she cleaned, it was hearts too. After the fires I was sure my life had ended.  Everything was gone- those clean floors, the memory boxes my mom had packed so perfectly with each art project and picture, and my beautiful dog, Sadie.  It broke me, left a Sadie shaped hole in my heart that still has left to be filled.  And I was terrible as a result.  But there was no wrong my mom could not forgive, and no darkness she could not love me out of.

Four years later, my mom was meditating on the fires, and the Lord gave her a vision.  She asked Christ where He was on that day, and He gave her a vision.  He was crouched in the pantry, holding a scared little dog and bringing her to heaven.  It gave me closure, it gave me hope.  God used my mom to sweep away the despair that lingered, all those years later.  I still miss my dog.  I still ache in the place in my heart where she was meant to be.  I'm so grateful that I have my mother.  She's a lover, a fighter, a prayer warrior.  She's my best friend, and I wouldn't have anyone else.

I love you mom!


  1. I love that your mom is such a good friend. I think many times moms and their daughter/s struggle during teen years, or whenever, and never grow a friendship relationship once the daughter/s grow/s up. I'm so thankful that, now as a married woman, I and my mom are great friends.

  2. That made me cry for your loss and for little Sadie.

    Mark Virkler teaches to go back to a painful situation and ask Jesus where He was when it was happening. I have done this before too.

    I'm so thankful your Mom was able to share that with you. What a blessing to have a Mom who loves Jesus!

    I am visiting from Lisa-Jo's place. Have a great day!

  3. Aw this is a sweet post. I'm sure your mama would love to read it. (:
    I agree with what Kelly said above. Me and my mama had a rough time during my teenage years until my early 20s. It wasn't until the birth of my daughter that we really became close again, and I'm so thankful that we did!!