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I went to my first writing group today.  I've been mulling it over for about a month now, after I discovered that the local library has a writing group, and on a Saturday no less.  I left Anthony at my parent's house and decided to take the plunge, bringing with me one of the short stories I've been thinking about sending in for my graduate applications.  I wandered around for quite a bit before asking where they met, meekly.  The room was dark and I was alone, debating on whether I should stay.

I'm so glad I did.

It's wonderful to be around people who understand what it's like to have a head full of voices and not be crazy, to be filled with ideas that you desperately need to scratch down.  It gave me the boost I needed and the support to start working on Empress again.  I've been waffling, editing the beginning and not really progressing in the story.  After talking to one of the authors about this I am now pushing through and finishing this draft.  It's what I need to do, after all.  I need to tell Sadie's story and I need to tell it now.  This means putting Red Letters back on the shelf, but that's okay.  That idea is still mulling and working itself out.

I spent the rest of the day playing with the baby and click clacking away at my keyboard, fleshing out more of the story.  This is exactly what I needed.  It gives me the motivation to create something new every week, so that I have something to show for it.  I've been contemplating taking a creative writing course at Palomar College for this very reason, but am glad I have found an alternative.  I get to work with actual seasoned writers, rather than a bunch of kids fresh out of high school.

Needless to say, I'm pretty flipping excited about all of this.  Hopefully, I will meet my 100,000 word goal this year, especially since I'm pretty sure I haven't even written 5,000.

So wish me luck and patience and the will to keep on writing even when my brain is tired and my fingers are cramped, because I'm going to need it.

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