She struck a match, and breathed in the poison.  She pulled it into her lungs, languidly.  She released the smoke in a steady, hazy stream.  No one would have guessed it was her first cigarette, held between her fingers like a question.  She was making an impression.  When he came out the door, he was impressed.

“What you got there, Sadie?” He was casual.  Her last foster father would have knocked it out of her hand and sent her away, praying.  Interesting, she thought.

“Can I bum one off of you?”

She shrugged, and offered him the pack.  She had stolen it off her social worker, anyway. 

“So.” He took a drag.  “You’re fifteen?” 

She nodded.

“You’re very pretty,” he reached for her arm, stroking it gently.

She froze, stomach twisting.  Sensing her hesitation, he moved, pushing her against the fence, mouth against her neck.  She could feel the heat of his breath, the slide of his tongue.  She struggled against him for a second, but he was so much bigger, so much stronger.  She was just a girl; a girl who had jumped from foster home to foster home, a girl who was always prepared.

When the cigarette sizzled against his skin, when her knife flipped open like lipstick, when it sliced into him like butter.

Her social worker had tried to infect her with a sense of hope, a sense of a future, but she knew better.  She knew what men were like, she knew what humans were like, and she knew she liked them better when they weren’t.  The consequences of her actions would be steep.  He screamed on the ground, clutching the hole between his legs.  It was his word against hers, and she didn’t have the faintest hope that faith would fall on her side. 

But she didn't run.  Either way, she was already in the fire.  Here, there- it didn't matter.  It didn't matter at all.

When asked if she knew how to use a knife, Sadie answered yes.

1: to contaminate with a disease-producing substance or agent (as bacteria)
2a : to communicate a pathogen or a disease to
  b : of a pathogenic organism : to invade (an individual or organ) usually by penetration
  c : of a computer virus : to become transmitted and copied to (as a computer)
3a : contaminate, corrupt <the inflated writing that infects such stories>  
  b : to work upon or seize upon so as to induce sympathy, belief, or support <trying to infect their salespeople with their enthusiasm>


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