This Week's Cup of Tea

Since I've been writing more than blogging, I thought it would be a good idea to do a weekly wrap up type post- possibly making this a weekly thing, time permitted.

This week has been jam packed.  Between picnics, pope watch, work, writing, rehearsals and catching up on house stuff from when Anthony was sick there hasn't been a lot of rest, which is probably why I went with fiction for #fiveminutefriday.  It's incredibly how laundry seems to sit, and multiply so quickly.  So instead of spending my time in the beautiful California sunshine, I've been working on that, probably against my better judgement.  The lilacs are in full blood right now, and all of the world is purple.

Part of the benefits of spring is the abundance of fruit we have up here.  Anthony loves oranges.  He even eats through the peel.  This kid.  Let me tell you.

Friday's are typically my out and about day.  This week Anthony and I met up for a lactation support group with the fabulous Katie and Eli, went for free coffee, and to pick up Karly early from school (for the third time this week.)  Karly and I decided to go antiquing, because ultimately there is nothing better in the world than looking at what used to be jammed up in someone's attic, and is now looking for love.  I finally took a leap, and bought my first antique teacup.

In terms of writing, I plugged away a little over 3000 words this week.  I'm really struggling with my protagonist though, there's something missing, and I can't quite put my finger on it.  I will probably be posting some exercises in expressing her voice this week, trying to write it out.  I also started participating in the trifecta writing challenge, which was ridiculously fun.  I've always been a fan of writing prompts, and am excited to explore the blogosphere and find more.  My writing group was cancelled this week, so I unfortunately missed my me time.  We have a busy afternoon today, so it's probably for the best.

We received some potentially scary news this morning, and if you have any prayers that you could send our way, we'd appreciate it.  It's hard having faith in the midst of fear and sadness, and I'm putting it all in God's hands.  Life is so fragile.

What I'm reading this week:

Game of Thrones:  Get on board.  Paul and I just powered through season two (though be prepared, it's extremely smutty) and I'm about half way through with the first novel.  It's well written, though George RR Martin is cruel.  He toys with your emotions in ways you wouldn't think possible.
Living Jungle Gym: This blog makes me laugh, it makes me cry.  If you're looking for an incredible, faith filled family blog this is it.
Carrots for Michaelmas:  The more I read, the more I love.  She had a great post on confession recently, which reminded me that I need to get myself to a confessional before lent is over.

I hope  you have a wonderful, safe weekend!

God Bless,


This week was exhausting!


  1. This little guy poses so cute! What a sweetheart.

    I love your teacup! Most definitely a good first antique teacup purchase!

  2. Your little boy is so CUTE!! And my husband has a teacup very similar to that. (: