This Weeks Cup of Tea

What a week!  We've been busy, busy- barely catching our breaths.  Between family and work and life and connecting with old friends, we've been up and down with barely any rest.  I've also been on a laundry kick, so it's been wash, dry, fold, and (mostly) put away with pretty much no end in sight.  Such is life, I suppose.

Anthony has discovered language.  He says "d'yeah" and "nah" and "outside" and "what's that" and "this."  He is so excited about his new skills, he uses them constantly.  It's really fun to be able to ask him a question and get an actually answer from him.  He's given up on crawling and just walks his little penguin walk all around.  He is also into mimicry, like wiping my nose.  Sweet revenge.

The weather has been amazing this week, Spring has finally come, full force.  We've really enjoyed being able to spend time outside.  Anthony is all about the vitamin D, so we've been soaking it up!

As I mentioned last week, I really want to work on truly discovering my protagonist's character.  I used the Trifecta writing challenge as a spring board for that.  As a discovery writer, the best way for me to figure out plot and character is to write.  It's occasionally scary, because I never know what I'm going to get, I never know where my characters are going to do.  I haven't actually gotten any words into my novel this week, but such is life. I'm hoping that I'll be able to sit down sometime this week and just write.

Probably the most exciting part of this week, was the addition of a new member of our family!  Meet Dani, our sweet new puppy!  She's a yorkie-maltese-pomeranian, all mutt and all mine.  She's tiny and super sweet and has already made a place for herself here.  She wasn't necessarily planned.  My beautiful little minpin mix Sadie died in the fires in 2007.  I've been talking to her and praying about when my heart will be ready for a new dog, when the time will be right to fill the Sadie shaped hole she left behind.  I was perusing ebay classifieds when I saw her, perfect face, big green eyes, with the same look in her face that Sadie used to get.  And I knew, I just knew.  The next day we went to go meet her and decide if her personality would be a good fit.  It was, instant connection.

 She's such a sweet little dog, a bundle of energy.  She's three months old and mostly potty trained.  Anthony LOVES her.  He hugs her, kisses her, carries her around.  She's absolutely just the sweetest thing.

Please be prepared for a gratuitous photo dump of my baby and dog.  I can't even help it.

What I'm Reading:

I stumbled across this blog the other day, and have been all up in the crunch factory of it all.  Really good information.  I love finding like-minded people all of the webs.

Though I might be biased because she's one of my friends, Sowdering About's meal plans always make my stomach rumble.  I'm hoping to someday be organized enough to have a set weekly meal plan like this lady!

Thanks to the Trifecta Writing Challenge, I've come across a great deal of web authors.  One of those is noveling on line, the Jade Dragon series. If you want something fantastic that is also relatively self contained post by post, I highly recommend this.

I'm also still reading Game of Thrones.  I need to finish the first book so I'll feel a little less guilty about starting season three when it's back on Sunday!

God Bless You


P.S.  I'm also trying to make kombucha right now, but I think that deserves it's own post.  

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  1. Cute dog! I love seeing babies interact with animals. My daughter loves to tote my cat around....haha. (: