A Closet Full

This week I’d like to offer a song and a quotation.
The quotation is from Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë:
“It was not the thorn bending to the honeysuckles, but the honeysuckles embracing the thorn.”
The song is “Tiny Dancer” from Elton John, and you can use the lyrics, the music or anything about the video that inspires you.

And he was perfect, too perfect.  She could already tell by the creases in his blue jeans and the wave of his hair.  He smiled like sunshine and she wanted to die in the medieval way, all sweat and professed love and poetry.  He took her face in his hands and whispered things against her lips, honeysuckled words and sweet perfections.  It was exactly what she didn’t need, the kind of romance that would ruin her today and tomorrow and maybe her yesterday, poisoned by the memory of his tongue across her teeth.  And when his footprints dragged away in the sand, faded like the cigarette smoke in the club that night, she curled up on the tile of the bathroom floor and let the salt water pour from the ocean of her eyes until it dried her up.  She wished for feathers of snow, drifting from the sky, like angels shedding their wings.  She wished for his name so she could make it a kestrel cry.  But she forgot to ask, too busy drinking in the shadows beneath his eyes and the heat of his breath.  She mourned his loss like the death of summer, falling like a dying leaf to the shade of the cement, the skeleton of a dream.

I'm writing all my words tonight, story upon story, post upon post.  I really like where this one went- it all sort of happened and was almost a little too twi-barf to stomach.  One word changed and I think it made all the difference, but I suppose that's up to you to decide.  That's for stopping by!


  1. "skeleton of a dream" is haunting and a perfect ending to such an intense ode to lost passion.

  2. Oh my! I started reading and was so caught in the flow. It seemed to move faster and faster carrying me with the current.
    I love this! All of the images and feelings. Whew, Great Writing!

  3. Some good imagery here and good use of the prompts. I really liked the last line. skeleton of a dream.

    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  4. Great flow, great imagery, I think it worked perfectly.

  5. Oh Megan, oh my gosh! This was magnificent! You have so many breathtaking images here I hardly know where to begin! I love this piece-I love it a lot!!!

  6. You win my award for imagery. This scene is so full of excellent examples. I could see this man and the impact on this woman. My favorite line was this one: "He smiled like sunshine and she wanted to die in the medieval way, all sweat and professed love and poetry." Oh, that's well written:~)

  7. THIS IS LOVELY!!!! Just LOVELY!!!! Wow....wow...that is all I can say. Wow.