Candy Apple Red

She'd let them all burn.  It was not a form of revenge, though she would have liked it if it were.  It was a necessity.  If she let them die, bake in front of her like fish on the coals, she'd be doing them a favor.  She was not the worst thing coming for them.

She picked up her skirts and moved away from the thick, from the black.  Her hems singed, curling up.  Normally the smell would bother her, but it was nothing amid the hair and flesh.  It was nothing at all.  Turning, she faced the rolling mists, so vast that she could easily lose herself in them.  She wouldn't, she knew better.

The time of peace had ended, that much was certain.  Her father's dreams of candy apple smiles and cool, white laughter were long gone as he withered in the flames.  It was a mercy, she told herself.  It was a gift that she had given them, after all.  Death, even in this way, was a paradise.

Away from the smoke and heat, she could almost see in colors.  The sun would rise behind her and the people would forget just long enough to be broken by the thing after.  Broken in ways that the minstrels wouldn't dare to write about.  Broken in ways that not even a princely kiss can heal.

It made her smile, candy apple red.  Her father would have been so proud.


Untitled © Vanessa Paxton via Flickr

pinhole 970, bridge
pinhole 970, bridge © Darius Kuzmickas via Flickr

Y'all probably think I need therapy now.


  1. I love the phrase 'candy apple red'. It is a lovely story. LM x

  2. Intriguing story leaving lots of questions. Just letting you know there's either a word missing or the word "of" needs to be removed in this clause: "Normally the smell of would bother her,"

  3. What is coming? Why does she smile? I am full of whats and whys and ...stuff. This is dark and there is an underlying horror here. And I am waiting, mostly patiently, for more.

  4. An interesting story and certainly pulled me in. I liked your your opening line...definitely a "read more!" Your writing is engaging. You make me see the scene and your character moving through it.

    You gave hints that her actions were better off than the alternative, but I wanted to know about that alternative. I hope you plan to continue this?

  5. Thank you lyssa!

  6. I wasn't necessarily planning on it, but I think I will. I think her story needs to be told. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Thank you for commenting Renee! It seems I did my job if you are left wanting more :)

  8. So many unanswered questions here! Thanks for linking up!