Naturally Treating Thrush For Mom & Baby

I remember it like it was just yesterday. We had finally gotten the hang of breastfeeding. He was off the nipple shield, his latch was set, the pain had stopped. I felt like a champ. I wanted to hold signs wherever I went pointing it out: look at this, look what I’m doing with my body.
Then came the thrush.
Natural Thrush Treatment for Mom and Baby
It just started out as general itching for me. I thought nothing of it, nothing at all. Then it turned to searing pain, the kind of itching pain you feel when you’ve scratched a bug bite for too long—except much, much worse. 

Misconceptions About Treating Thrush

Through the mom’s group I was a part of I knew that thrush existed, but I assumed it was for dirty people, people who don’t wash bras and only shower once a month. Boy was I wrong.

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