This Week's Cup of Tea

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my baby?  Because I do.  Even though he's really into cramming too much food into his mouth and then spitting it out all over the carpet, or me, or himself.  It might be making me a little crazy.  He's been giving kisses and talking up a storm.  Where did my little baby go?  When did he become this big boy?

He thinks he's so funny, and it probably doesn't help that we laugh with him.  Would you be able to help it?

The horse was giving him kisses!

Making faces at the camera and drooling like a fool

We enjoyed an awesome family date Saturday night at Souplantation.  They had sprinkles, in case you're wondering.  Paul and I like going there because it's relatively healthy, we can all eat for under 20 dollars, and Anthony actually eats something.  I definitely need to implement that same kind of buffet style for him, a plethora of finger foods and all of us sitting together seem to do the trick to get this skinny dude to eat!

Probably the highlight of my week:  I WON THE SPEAKEASY!  You can read my winning post here.  And yep, be excited.  I'm so stoked that people voted and chose me. That means that next week's prompt is a sentence by moi.  If you write poetry or fiction or anything at all, get with it!

I wrote a post for Intoxicated On Life earlier this week about child led weaning and extended breastfeeding. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Writing is hard to do when someone always has to have his feet on my laptop.

I worked on Empress a lot this week, and started the outline for another project, which I've been calling Red Letters, for now.  I'm a discovery writer, so I don't usually outline, but it's absolutely necessary for this piece.  It's kind of a thriller, and I'm really exciting for what it's shaping out to be.  Paul thinks this novel is going to be my 'hit' and I hope he's right!

Thanks to my Kindle App and all their free classics, I decided it was time for me to crack some open.  I'm currently reading Jane Eyre.  The jury's still out on how I feel about that one, but I'm sticking it out.  I like Jane a lot, and while I know the basic framework of the story, I'm excited to read it as a writer, and to discover it for myself.

This story has been haunting me for weeks.  Honestly, it's one of the best things I've ever read.  I hope you enjoy it as much I do.

I'm looking forward to another busy week full of love and laughter, and perhaps a little more house cleaning than this last week (oops.)

God bless!

Cosleeping or cocreeping?

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