Where Dreams Are Born

She traded it all for a silver kiss.  

Thimble.  She reminded herself. Her grasp on words and reality was slipping into the Neverland landscape with each passing day.  She fiddled with the acorn around her neck, the acorn with a hole in it.  It saved her life, they way she thought he would.

She had read somewhere that a girl only falls in love, really in love one time.  She was certain when she saw him trying to stick on his shadow with soap that he was the one her heart had been waiting for.  And then he taught her to fly and took her away with him.  They were supposed to be a family, mother and father to all those lost boys.  Instead, she was mother to them all.  Peter was not a partner, he was a petulant child who yearned for the flat of her hand the way she yearned for the warmth of his touch.  

The mermaids sang her mockery.  They had warned her, something they liked to remind her of over and over.  This boy you love loves the wind more than he loves you.  This boy you love would choose the stars before he would choose you.  This boy you love doesn't love you at all.  She wouldn't let them see her cry, but she would cry.  Alone with the Neverland birds, she would cry until there was more salt outside of her body than in.  

She tried to remember her own mother, but this land had a way of wiping your mind of everything but it.  Jealous lover, it took possession of everything within its boundaries.  All her mind could muster were pearls, and the smell of powdered blush.  She wanted to miss it, but she couldn't miss something she didn't know.  

She heard Peter crow over the hill.  She could make her way to the tree with a knot for a door, if she wished.  Or she could stay here, on the breath of twilight.  She could wish on the second most star, and wait out the morning.  But she wouldn't.  Love is funny that way, she thought.  You do the things in your heart and not in your head.

She found a smile, wrapped in memories of thimbles and thread, and walked home.  Her boys needed their mother.


I've had a Peter Pan obsession my whole life.  Wendy is one of my favorite literary heroines of all time, and she is a heroine.  She loves someone and lets them go, because she realizes that she needs better for her life. If that isn't a story of triumph, I don't know what is.  And as a bonus, here is a picture of me as Wendy is high school!


  1. cool picture and sad story .. there are real live grown up men out here. Not me exactly ... but there out here.

  2. I'm living that Wendy life right now. And I kind of hate it, though I love this story. And you are an adorable Wendy. I danced in ballet of Peter Pan as Captain Hook -- most fun ever!

  3. This is really wonderful! Only one other person (so far) took it back to Peter Pan. I love Peter Pan too. How fun that you got to portray Wendy!

  4. "The mermaids sang her mockery." is a fantastic line-- awesome job! :)

  5. I love Peter Pan!That story fets me every time.

  6. Peter Pan - I always think of Robin Williams! Nice piece, and you do make a really cute Wendy!

  7. Natalie the SingingfoolMay 2, 2013 at 12:48 PM

    Agh I love this story! I too love Peter Pan. :) I love this phrase "...she would cry until there was more salt outside of her body than in." Beautiful!